Vape juice is a new introduction to the market that is why people are very curious on what it is and the content, too. They need to know the content of the vape juice, the benefits you get from it and if there's any drawbacks. This article will give you the details that you need to know about vape juice. 

You will know the ingredients and their facts as part of the vape juice at content. With the help of this article, you will have the idea whether to continue using it or not. 

Space jam flavor basically has the content of propylene glycol formulation. The short term for this ingredient is PG and its basic function is to act as container for the other ingredients. This PG formulation can also be found in certain food and it is even added to some types of medications. There are some online raps that tell PG as part of the components to anti-freeze. This is true but the ingredient is not harmful in the anti-freeze. 

You will also find Vegetable Glycerin as a component of vape juice and this is commonly known for its abbreviation, VG. This is also a carrier or base for the nicotine and flavoring. The source of VG is coming from plant-based matter. You can also find VG in food as an additive. It is actually deemed to be safe. The VG is also an active component to various products like cooked foods, makeup, toothpaste and even soap. 

Of course, don't forget that vape juices also have water and this water is both harmless and safe. 

If you are also wondering why vape juices have different flavors, this is because of the flavor additives. The flavors of vape juices really vary because aside from its traditional tobacco, you can also enjoy the sweet cherry cola and other flavors that it offers. The variations of the vape juice flavors actually didn't undergo any tests. The only important thing is that you have an FDA approved flavoring to use in your vape juices. This way, you will be able to identify what flavors are not safe at all. 


If you are hunting for vape juice, you need to use your qualitative instincts to be a wise buyer. Even if this is a safe product, you might not be able to buy a safe one if you are in a wrong store. So it is very important that you only visit the store that is licensed and can present valid permits. Otherwise, you might get yourself in danger and this is not the right time to be in that position knowing that you are eager enough to even quit your smoking habit. To read more on the importance of vape juice, check out