There are now many smokers who shifted to vaping because of the many health benefits it can offer. You have also enjoyed using your e-cigarette, but the problem is that you have already consumed all your e-liquid. Your e-liquid plays a very important role in using e-cigarette as a better alternative. You should not be afraid since you have plenty of choices. But with the many options, how are you going to locate the best one for you? 

- The Flavor 

When choosing your space jam vape juice this time, you have to be aware that there are different flavors you can find in the market today. You can have flavors like cocktails, food, fruity and tobacco blends. Of course, you need to pick the flavor you prefer the most because it helps you enjoy your smoking experience. 

Tobacco blends is a perfect option for the new users who are used to their cigarette brands. Cuttwood vape juice manufacturers understand that it is not easy to forget the taste of the popular brands. 

As time passes by, they will become adventurous and will try other blends. Some of the food blends include wafer, pizza, cake and the fruity ones include mango, watermelon and grape. There are even mixed blends or food, fruit and tobacco flavors. 

You can also find e-liquid with cocktail flavors. Some of these flavors would include beer, wine and brandy. 

Be sure to pick the flavor that you are confident you'll going to love. Then, start to discover other flavors. If you want to learn more about vape juice, you can visit 

- The Nicotine Level 

The nicotine strength is another important factor to consider when choosing a vape juice. There are various strengths like low, medium and high. If you don't smoke a lot, then you can go for the low strength of nicotine. 

Don't get too little or too much nicotine because it will do you no good. It is recommended to start with the medium level and then adjust after. 

- Type of E-Liquid 

E-liquid has two base solutions such as the Vegetable Glycerol and the Propylene Glycol. You can even find a combination of VG and PG. Each option has its own pros and cons. If you go for PG, you are going to enjoy more flavor but experience weak vapor. VG has a slight sweet taste, but produces more clouds of vapor. 


Always bear these things in mind when choosing your e-liquid. To save money, you have to try it first before buying. Take note that there are different brands available in the market today, and you have to discover these brands. Then, make your own research to save time.